Thursday, September 4, 2008

Going Home!

Finally going home It was a long week , but we made it. We would like to thank all of our family and friends for all of your love and support. We could not have made it with out you. Sophia is doing so great and is very healthy. She still looks like she got hit by a a truck, but even with two black eyes she is so beautiful.We had to put Sophia under lights when we got home. She looks so cute like she is tanning.
This is a really cute sign the NICU made for Sophia's room. They were so nice to us there. We feel so grateful to live here and have such great medical care available to us.
The girls were so excited when we came home this is the first time they were able to hold her. It was a long week wait for these girls to finally meet there sister.
Sophia and grandma.


Amy M. said...

Little Sophia is a doll. Absolutely darling! How are you holding up? Missing your sleep I bet. Anyways, I am glad to hear that she is doing good.

Jdogger said...

So glad she is home, I sure wish I lived closer so I could help!