Sunday, July 6, 2008

Old faithful here we come

We made it to old faithful just in time we didn't have to wait at all. Now that was lucky. We are so glad Marks parents could meet us up there at Yellowstone it was fun to be with them.Olivia and Papa
Here's the gang at Old Faithful.
Maddy and Olivia enjoying the stinky hot pots.
Olivia and I just before it started to down pour.


Amber said...

Your pictures look amazing! I need to come copy them. We had such a great time. Thanks for everything! Where are we going next???

Erin Olson said...

You two look so cute with your little families. It's so weird to see after all these years. I remember watching the Little Mermaid in the 8th grade downstairs in Amber's basement. SO long ago.

Emily I love the blog! It's great!


Elggren Clan said...

How cute that the ONLY 2 strawberry blondes in the class of '95 are still BFFs! It's always been my favorite hair color! Both of your families are darling.